Our Story

In today’s world where Global warming is becoming a major issue and has generated a great upsurge in renewable energy sector, we (BTA Technologies) has taken an initiative in promoting solar energy solution across Pakistan. According to Report of World bank, Pakistan is in the list of mostly affected countries by global warming, so as the climatic and atmospheric condition are getting suitable for solar power generation in this sector. BTA Technologies has taken initiative to design its own products for this region and signed a consortium with the most renown names in the same confederate of Pakistan industry for the common purpose and comes up with some most economical and reliable solutions for the industry. By the grace of All mighty ALLAH and great impetus of team who has worked days and nights BTA has received the such positive feedback with-in short interval of time, BTA has started its operations in 21 major cities of Pakistan and propelling & proliferating every day.

Development 90%
Design 80%
Marketing 70%


To be Pakistan leading renewable energy company providing the most innovative clean energy solutions to our clients. To execute and operate our projects effciently and maintain the highest standards of quality, safety and environmental sustain ability to foster a culture of trust, collaboration and performance to achieve our business goals and be an employer of choice.To adhere to the highest standards of corporate governance and operate ethically and fairly at all times while continually advancing stakeholder interests..